Hi, my name is James Paterson. I'm a 18 year old student in Cambridgeshire and dabble in the noble art of Web Design and Coding. Want to find out more about me? Click the links on the list to the side of this text.

Web Design and Coder.

James Paterson

Welcome to the Facility.

03/05/2013 | Posted by James

Hey there. If you're reading this, you've stumbled across my little corner of the Internet. My name is James Paterson, and I'm a web developer, coder and your typical nerd. I commonly go by the screen name JamJar919.

This is my website, coded by me and me alone. On it, you can access many aspects of my online life, as well as my physical one. Navigate to different sections by using the scroll bar or by clicking the links above, which will automatically scroll you to the correct section.

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About me.

03/05/2013 | Posted by James

As said above, I'm an 18 year old student in England, currently attending one of the top sixth form colleges in the UK. This section is about me, my interests and my likes.

Favorite thing:

My computer. Although it's a slow, laggy, 1.66Ghz machine (I got an upgrade, partially paid for by work done online!) , it's still one of the most important possesions I own, in my opinion. This is what has led me to coding and all that jazz.

Favorite music:

If you're talking genre, probably Dubstep/Electro/Drum and Base. Artist wise, I enjoy listening to smaller music producers such as Noisestorm and K-391.

Favorite Film/TV series:

Probably "Chronicle", although Inception and some other Christopher Nolan films would have be at least a close second. As for TV series, I'm an avid watcher of the Black Mirror series, but I also watch things like Doctor Who.

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Contact me.

03/05/2013 | Posted by James

Looking to contact me for anything? Email me using the contact form below. Make sure to state why you are contacting me. Spammers of the form will be automatically blocked.

Contact form coming soon! If you'd like to commission any work then shoot me a Private Message on either DigitalPoint forums, or LeakForums. I'll be sure to reply when I'm free.

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Dox me.

03/05/2013 | Posted by James

I have profiles on many different sites. View them here.

Leakforums Profile (Active): Profile of JamJar919

DigitalPoint Profile (Active): JamJar919's Profile

Squidoo Profile (Active): JamJar919's Lenses on Squidoo

NodusForums Profile (Inactive): Profile of JamJar919

Hackforums Profile (Unused): Profile of JamJar919

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Hire me.

03/05/2013 | Posted by James

Want to hire me for a job? Look here.

I offer Graphic Design services, specialising in banner and logo design. Some examples of the work I have done is available below. Most work will cost you no more than a couple of dollars.

ipdwmn logo
paradox booter signature
shaggy signature
jase wallpaper

In addition to Graphic design, I also do web design. Below are some links to designs I have done in the past.

Dark Oak design, one of my first designs ever done.

Blueish Blog template.

Joe Clark Films - Shipping memorabilia and film website.

Simons Jungle - Author and explorer Simon Chapman, site with Wordpress.

The Flower Boutique - Mobile View and revamped purchasing menu.

WEA Essex - WP Site with custom CSS and custom backend code for courses.

Hadleigh Maid - Mobile View

The Poetry Network - A thing

Want to buy something? Great! Use the contact me form to email my inquires address with the job details. I'll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. Alternatetively, send me a PM on either LeakForums or DigitalPoint. I'll be much more likely to respond quicker that way.

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My tools.

03/05/2013 | Posted by James

Some kind tools, scripts and assorted bits that don't go anywhere else.

Skype Resolver (Beta) - Resolve a skype address into an IP

Zalgo Generator (Customisable) - Generate custom Zalgo Text

Play 2048 with others (Or just screw with them)

BALLS - Basic physics simulator

Command Line Emulator - Type '?' for help

Deep Dungeons of Doom - Procedurally generated dungeon game.

Grid - An experiment in random movement

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Site index.

03/05/2013 | Posted by James

Homepage (You are here)

Images hosted here

  1. Siggy Image
  2. Image similar to siggy

Screamers hosted here

  1. Scary Maze Game

Flash Stuffs hosted here

  1. 4Chan City - Craptastrophe | (All credit to NCH) | (4Chan Flash Archive) | If you want the prequel, go find it. It's NSFW so i'm not uploading it here.
  2. Speedycat is speedy | (From E-Torque.net)
  3. Happy Wheels | (From TotalJerkFace)
  6. Avoid the spikes!
  7. Vector T-D
  8. Gunblood Western Shootout
  9. Tank Trouble - Three player coop!
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