James Paterson
Web Developer
and Coder


I'm a 19 year old student with a penchant for web design, programming, and all things technical. I'm currently attending Durham university, studying Computer Science MEng. I love building things, attending hackathons, and learning about the tech world in general.


I've worked as a freelancer on and off for four years, and have been employed part time at a local web design agency for the last 2 years. My areas of expertise include Responsive site design, Wordpress Theming, Wordpress Plugin Development and development of bespoke backend systems for customer relations, content management, email lead organisiation and everything in between. if you have something you'd like me to build, or just ask me about, then please contact me!


You can contact me via email at me@thejamespaterson.com. I'll hopefully respond within the next couple of days. You can also send me a PM on DigitalPoint forums.


General design work I've created or had a part in creating:


Side projects I have written or am writing: