EffBee Analyser 0.17.1

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EffBee Analyser is a multi platform program that allows you to easily analyse your personal Facebook information.

What is this?

Glad you asked! EffBee is a downloadable program that takes as an input your Facebook archive, and produces a set of great visualisations that you can browse at your leisure. It was created as a masters project by James Paterson, which aimed to explore the ways that access to visualisations like this can affect social behaviour. Here's a quick list of the things that it can do:


View your friendship network, inferred from your messaging history. You can even replay how the network has been formed over time.
Friend Analysis
Dive deep into your relationship with a specific friend and look at when and how much you talk to them. You can also see which chats you talk in, and who you talk to them with.
Conversation Analysis
Examine a group chat or private conversation, and understand the shifts in what you talk about, when you talk, how much each person in the conversation talks, and more!
Timeline ranking
Rank your friends over time and see how the ranking changes as your friendships developed. Filter by time period and see who your top friend every year was!
Textual Analysis
Access a Themail inspired breakdown for any conversation, letting you know the frequency of words in your conversations month by month.
Open Source
EffBee is open source under the MIT licence. Read the code, compile it yourself, suggest features, and make additions. Feedback is welcome on Github!

Alright, how do I get it?

Precompiled binaries (read: installers) are available to download from here, and the links are at the bottom and top of this page. I'm providing binaries for Windows and Mac. If you don't trust my downloads (fair enough), then you can compile it yourself - It's open source! Instructions for doing so are on the Github page for the project. You can also download the installers from there as well.

You'll also need to have a copy of your Facebook data, which is pretty easy to get. Instructions are provided below if you're unfamiliar. Important things: It needs to be JSON format. Any media quality will do, and make sure you include the whole archive.

Download (Windows) Download (Mac) Other releases