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you know09 Feb 21:4086.181.138.119
you know09 Feb 21:3986.181.138.119
you know09 Feb 21:3686.181.138.119 GIVE A SHOUTOUT TO PENNY MILLS PLEASE
Valley gypo09 Feb 21:2690.203.183.23Can you play Y Fflam chwyrlio. Heard they are up and coming and dead filthy !
Aleister Skinner09 Feb 21:2586.181.138.119btw your mics were cutting out, couldnt hear anything tom said and Hefs mic seemed to be cutting out
Aleister Skinner09 Feb 21:2486.181.138.119but can you stop playing pop music?
Aleister Skinner09 Feb 21:2486.181.138.119Hey guys its the 3 Back Mount Joy house here and we're locked in!
Head of Broadcasting Standards09 Feb 14:17IP Hidden
URGENT - Monitor Message09 Feb 14:17IP Hidden
URGENT - Monitor Message09 Feb 14:17IP Hidden
Monitor Message09 Feb 14:17IP Hidden
Monitor Message09 Feb 14:16IP HiddenGood show
Monitor Message09 Feb 14:16IP Hidden
Rosie Beckford08 Feb 11:1710.245.126.220Hey cygnets, some banging tunes this morn, keep up the good work xoxo gossip girl
willy mcg07 Feb 21:2210.245.8.156why can't i hear you guys lol
durfess07 Feb 19:0737.203.171.128rikitiu
Hey google07 Feb 19:0679.70.146.118Ngl I'd appreciate it if you stepped up the ultimate-ness of your hour next week. Didn't exactly scream "wall to wall anthems" this week if you catch my drift.
Hey google07 Feb 19:0579.70.146.118Bai gais
Hey google07 Feb 19:0179.70.146.118Jom
Hey google07 Feb 19:0179.70.146.118Can you do a shout out to me? Or call me? Maybe?
Hey google07 Feb 19:0079.70.146.118No shout out for Big Uch?
A friend in need07 Feb 18:5479.70.146.118Give me some advice as to how to write 3000 words about Sigurd in 48 hours
Uche07 Feb 18:5479.70.146.118Or consecutively as long as it's Panic at the Disco
Uche07 Feb 18:5379.70.146.118Play two songs by the same artist simultaneously
Uche07 Feb 18:5379.70.146.118Play Fall Out Boy or equivalent
Hey google07 Feb 18:5379.70.146.118How about you evolve it into Uche's Ultimate Hour
Hey google07 Feb 18:5279.70.146.118Excuse you grown accustomed to my ass
Sam Bridge 07 Feb 18:5290.197.107.246Good man!
Hey google07 Feb 18:5179.70.146.118Play Carly Rae Jepsen
Sam Bridge 07 Feb 18:4890.197.107.246Got to give me a shout out ed I'm waiting!
bluuueue duuuuduuueee07 Feb 18:4486.24.223.119hellloooo from edinburger
grace07 Feb 18:3287.75.44.24stop talking
Sam bridge07 Feb 18:3290.197.107.246Nice one ed 😂
grace07 Feb 18:2687.75.44.24about jose gonzalez
grace07 Feb 18:2587.75.44.24i get that joke
grace07 Feb 18:2587.75.44.24KISS
Auntie Jo07 Feb 18:2481.151.110.99Nice tune xx
Mia 07 Feb 18:2487.75.44.24Eeeeeeeeee, when's Wonderwall?
David S.07 Feb 18:21129.97.124.24Shoutout from Canada ✌️
grace07 Feb 18:2087.75.44.24I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!
07 Feb 18:1987.75.44.24can't hear ed
Cam07 Feb 13:4985.255.237.63Cait it’s with regret you are out of swan now
Ffion Morris07 Feb 13:4610.245.137.53BOOOOOOO
Ffion Morris07 Feb 13:4510.245.137.53HAS MY INTERVIEW BEEN AIRED LOVE YOU GUYSSSS
imo07 Feb 13:4410.245.174.93amy and hannah will kill you if you put that on!!!!
Lol07 Feb 13:32195.195.244.141
congo07 Feb 13:2810.245.133.38NATTYYYYYYYYY
Lol07 Feb 13:25195.195.244.141Whoa whoa whoa play BRAZIL
Charlie07 Feb 13:19130.43.180.53
Georgie 07 Feb 13:1210.245.187.122Love u guys xox
Charlie07 Feb 13:10130.43.180.53Louis needs lessons on how to tell a story
Henry and cam07 Feb 13:0510.245.133.142You snake you tried to watch Bojack with us
Georgie 07 Feb 13:0510.245.187.122Can you play foals pls xxxxx love u xxxxx
lait and cou07 Feb 13:0592.40.249.7truth
lait and cou07 Feb 13:0592.40.249.7it’s not a threat. it’s the trurh
lait and cou07 Feb 13:0192.40.249.7we are coming for you. your show shall be ours
Fran07 Feb 12:5110.245.133.142Swan now?
Fran07 Feb 12:5010.245.133.142Cait never sign on radio again it hurts
mark owen07 Feb 12:4792.40.249.7cait and lou please cld you just hello to Ariana for me
mr no nose07 Feb 12:4692.40.249.7fucking chooon
mr no nose07 Feb 12:4092.40.249.7i love this show, and you’re making it hard to love
mr no nose07 Feb 12:4092.40.249.7please have some humanity
mr no nose07 Feb 12:4092.40.249.7i’d really rather not talk about it right now
ms thatcher in the rye07 Feb 12:3492.40.249.7DANK MEMES YOU LUV
07 Feb 12:3210.245.153.102100 duck sized horses! but it would be cool to ride a giant duck...
ms thatcher in the rye07 Feb 12:2992.40.249.7100 duck sized horses unless it’s snowing
ms thatcher in the rye07 Feb 12:2892.40.249.7me too
ms thatcher in the rye07 Feb 12:2492.40.249.7this is the only song i found on my girlfriends itunes library that i didn’t hate
the only lonely pony07 Feb 12: question: what is love?
lizzie mcguire07 Feb 12:1692.40.249.7i too as listening and offended
Mr No Nose07 Feb 12:1592.40.249.7had a shit day and my nan told me to wake up and smell the roses. so i nutted her
everyone07 Feb 12:0692.40.249.7you guys are shit we want cait and lou
Izzy Elliot 07 Feb 11:5886.166.149.49Italian Job
Jaz Lane07 Feb 11:1686.166.149.49guess the song/movie from its most obscure lyric/line??
Izzy Elliot 07 Feb 10:4886.166.149.49repeating yourselves ALSO surely the water going into the cyst is excess water, therefore it's more of a camel-hump situation
Izzy Elliot 07 Feb 10:4486.166.149.49I'd say an Epidermoid is a cyst but I'd be more tempted to have one of the ones that fills with clear liquid - possible water storage since we haven't established if this island has water bottles x
Tom Chapman07 Feb 10:4010.245.169.153Epidermoid of course Dil
moira06 Feb 22:30151.225.65.175tough day today but feeling better now thanks to your ace music thank you!
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 22:01137.205.238.220More Jagerbomb Jack content too
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:58137.205.238.220Alex had heard of the last one haha - btw, can't hear you Ler
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:56137.205.238.220Yasmin wants to go
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:52137.205.238.220Yasmin or Roadman meets Shelby?
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:52137.205.238.220Yasmin wants to know if she's your favourite
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:52137.205.238.220Fake
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:44137.205.238.220No we could hear both
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:44137.205.238.220Ler's mic keeps going off and on again
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:43137.205.238.220Okay, can hear both
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:43137.205.238.220Can only hear Ler atm
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:41137.205.238.220Yes
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:37137.205.238.220Just letting you guys know, you've killed the productivity of the group as you're too entertaining - they all have an essay due in on Thursday and its not going well
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:35137.205.238.220YES
MagsBags06 Feb 21:35137.205.238.81we can only hear grace
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:35137.205.238.220Can't hear Ler, can hear Grace
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:35137.205.238.220We heard you Grace
MagsBags06 Feb 21:34137.205.238.81Alex looks lost and confused hahahahahah love this I'm crying
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:34137.205.238.220Ler your mic has gone off
Roadman meets shelby (formerly Tobey Lerone)06 Feb 21:33137.205.238.4I'm crying that you haven't read out my previous comment.. just wanted to give my buddy Jack some love. ;(((
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:32137.205.238.220
Jagerbomb Jack06 Feb 21:32137.205.238.220Roadman meets Shelby liked that one